UAE-based Calidus showcases new B-250 light attack aircraft

Calidus LLC is an industrial machinery and equipment company located in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled new B-250 light attack aircraft during Dubai Airshow 2017.

The B-250 – previously designated the Bader – was designed in collaboration with the Brazilian vendor Novaer and Rockwell Collins in the U.S. Novaer was responsible for the B-250’s airframe. In fact, the lead designer of the B-250 was Joseph Kovács, who also designed the Embraer Tucano, that reported by Aviation Week.

Hamdan Abdulla Al Shkeili, chief software engineer, Calidus, said the company has put up one prototype of B-250 on display at the Dubai Airshow and another is participating in the flying display. “We have negotiations with many customers; we are very competitive, too, in terms of pricing which will surprise many when we’ll release it soon. We have full IP rights as well. We plan to build an industrial complex in Al Ain city for complete manufacturing of B-250 here locally. We have started work and will be completing soon. But I can’t disclose the investment and further information,” Al Shkeili said.

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Al Shkeili revealed that they have the suppliers from all over the world but the intellectual property rights belong to Calidus. Calidus B-250, according to Al Shkeili, has already generated significant interest among regional and international air forces, and its characteristics make it a good contender from reconnaissance and trainer platform, with an extensive multirole weapons capability. American multinational company Rockwell Collins, which provides avionics and information technology systems and services to governmental agencies and aircraft manufacturers, is strategic partner in the project.

According to the company, the aircraft equipped with one 1,600shp P&WC PT6A-68 engine and the B-250’s maximum payload is 1,796kg. The B-250’s service ceiling is 9 km with a range of 4500 km.

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