NOVAER Willing to Evaluate Components Suppliers in South America

(CLIPPING: Javier Bonilla) According to Paulo Campos, marketing analyst at the company, “at NOVAER, we understand the need to help foster the growth of a new supply chain, of both parts and services, adapted to our regional need in southern Brazil. Therefore, NOVAER is very willing to consider smaller suppliers, and even new entrants, both in the Brazilian market and in South America.”

Campos also spoke about the difficulty of obtaining qualification and certification to supply parts for the aerospace market, noting that “NOVAER is more than willing to assist suppliers who wish to be part of our supply chain, with training, follow up and even transfer of technology for those suppliers able to absorb the higher demands of the company.”

The company, which in coming months will be based in the city of Lages, develops the military trainer T-Xc, its civilian version U-Xc and new landing gear of the T-27 Tucano, among other projects.

What’s most interesting to the possible new suppliers is the fact that, a few weeks ago, the company was officially classified as a Strategic Defense Company, which means many fiscal, bureaucratic, academic and credit advantages within Brazil.



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