Novaer completed the Static Load Test of the T-Xc Wing

Completed the Static Load Test of the T-Xc Wing

To perform the test in question, the wing was set on an easel built especially for this purpose, and the loading was processed in stages, with the deposition of weights on predetermined wing stations, thus providing a distribution of loads on the wing equivalent to that which will occur in flight, in a condition of load factor equal to 5G.

Brazil delegation visits SUN ’n FUN

A delegation that includes representatives from Brazil’s Industries Federation System of Santa Catarina State, National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship, Wega Aircraft, Novaer Craft, and others were at SUN ’n FUN last week to promote newly announced incentives available to aircraft and aviation component manufacturers, as well as aviation-related services providers and other precision industries interested in expanding into Brazil.

Novaer U-Xc

New GA Developments in Brazil

The same engine will power the four-seat utility U-Xc, that Novaer believes will be only slightly slower at 205 knots, but will bear a useful load of 668 kg in contrast to the 350 kg of the T-Xc.


U.S. Investors Buy 200 Of New Brazil GA Design

Ledyard Capital Management, an investment firm that in the past has specialized in transport aircraft and the marine industry, announced this week that it is buying 200 copies of a new four-seat general aviation carbon-fiber aircraft from Novaer, in Brazil.

Ledyard Agrees to Purchase 200 Aircraft from Brazil’s Novaer

Scarsdale, New York (August 2012). Ledyard Capital Management LLC, an investment firm specializing in the Aviation and Marine Transport industries, has announced the signing of an agreement with Novaer S.A., São José dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to purchase 200 TXC aircraft.

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