New GA Developments in Brazil

Brazillian Manufacturer Novaer Craft has outlined two new GA aircraft that it hopes to have certified by 2015.

In a press conference at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, Novaer’s Heitor Serra detailed the T-Xc Pilgrim and U-Xc Stardream carbon-fibre aircraft.

Both aircraft are designed as low-wing retractables, and Novaer is setting the bar very high in terms of projected performance.

The T-Xc is a two-seat military and civil aerobatic trainer powered by a 315 HP Lycoming engine, giving a top speed of 208 knots.

The same engine will power the four-seat utility U-Xc, that Novaer believes will be only slightly slower at 205 knots, but will bear a useful load of 668 kg in contrast to the 350 kg of the T-Xc.
Both are expected to be fitted with Garmin 1000 avionics in the production aircraft.

Tooling has been made and the first prototype is expected to roll-out later this year.

Novaer Craft is located in Sao Jose Dos Campos near Embraer and has been in business making aircraft components since 1998.

Source: Australian Flying

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