Novaer IDEX 2015

NOVAER attended IDEX 2015

IDEX is the one of the largest defense fairs of the world, attracted more than 1,200 companies of different sizes, from more than 60 countries.


NOVAER Receives “Excellence in Composites Award”

The first prototype of the T-Xc Project demonstrates the great qualities of the advanced composite materials used in aircraft construction, which give lightness and contribute to the optimal performance of the airplane.

Novaer and Air Force Academy

NOVAER And The Air Force Academy Recreate History

Like the current trainer of the Brazilian Air Force Academy (AFA), the T-27 Tucano, the choice of the NOVAER aircraft’s name was defined through a contest involving all the employees of the AFA. The idea of the competition came both to honor the aviators and students of the Academy, as well as to remember a tradition started in the 80s, when it fell to the AFA’s effective to choose the name of the, today world-renowned, Tucano.

FAB delivers title of Commendator to Joseph Kovacs

FAB delivers title of Commendator to Joseph Kovacs

October 23rd is a significant date to the Brazilian aeronautic, for it represents the “Day of the Aviator” and the “Day of the Brazilian Air Force”, alluding to the first flight of Santos Dumont with the 14 BIS.

NOVAER participates in the event “DCTA Open Gates 2014

NOVAER participates in the event “DCTA Open Gates

The event gathered hundreds of families and brought to the public a series of entertainment, including the exhibition of airplanes and helicopters, flight presentations and skydiving, among many other cultural attractions.

Brazilian Minister of Defense Receives NOVAER in Brasília

Brazilian Minister of Defense Receives NOVAER in Brasília

The company also demonstrated the variety of products that can emerge from the same platform, for example, an aero medical version suited for rescue and transportation in hostile regions or for harvesting of organs for transplant, a small load transporter or liaison aircraft to be used by the armed forces, and a turboprop military trainer with ejection seats (T-Xc MTP), aside from the known civilian transport version (with ballistic parachute) and the primary-basic military trainer, which NOVAER intends to offer to the Brazilian Air Force and other air forces of the continent and the world. 

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