Emirati Light Attack Aircraft Breaks Cover

Developed under conditions of some secrecy in just 20 months, the B-250 has been designed by Novaer at São José dos Campos, near São Paulo, under the leadership of Joseph Kovács, who created the Embraer Tucano. The B-250 draws on Kovács’s work in producing the redesigned Golden Aircraft/US Aircraft Corporation A-67 Dragon, but incorporates significant elements of composite structure. It has a stepped tandem cockpit and is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-68 that develops 1,600 shp.



Manufacturers of these aircraft claim that by virtue of using turboprop engines (particularly the ubiquitous PT6A-series), these aircraft have lower operating costs, yet they – like costlier fast jets such as the F-16 – can deploy precision-guided munitions for CAS and targeted strike engagements in asymmetrical and low-intensity threat environments, such as COIN.


Dubai Airshow: Made in the UAE

The B-250 is claimed to be “the first military fighter ever developed in the UAE”, but it has been co-developed with Brazil’s Novaer, and is understood to have been designed by that company’s Hungarian-born chief designer, Joseph Kovács.


UAE’s Latest Aircraft Introduced by Calidus

Surrounded by weapons which can be hung on its seven hardpoints, and additionally fitted with an electro-optical sensor turret under the forward fuselage, the B-250 is offered for close air support; intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance; counter-insurgency; and advanced training.

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